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(from l - r) Alan Keith-musette Bechonnet, Vicky Yancy-accordéon diatonic, Debra Dawson and Arrigo D'Albert-vielles

Tour de France presents the traditional music of the French provinces on authentic folk instruments true to the unique style of each region. Many of the tunes played are drawn from 19th and early 20th century sources and were used to accompany then-popular ballroom dances: waltzes, schottishes, polkas, and mazurkas. Also featured are older regional dance forms: distinctive branles, rondeaux, and bourrées.

Beautiful melodies, infectious rhythms, unusual instruments, songs in French, and colorful costumes combine to offer the audience a rare and joyful experience of a unique folk tradition.

Tour de France features four of the most prominent musicians playing French music in the U.S.: Arrigo D'Albert - vielle à roue (hurdy-gurdy), continental (button) chromatic accordion, guitar and vocals, Alan Keith - cornemuses (bagpipes), diatonic accordion and miscellaneous wind instruments, Debra Dawson - vielle à roue (hurdy-gurdy), violin and vocals, and Vickie Yancy - diatonic and piano accordions, flute, vocals and dance instruction. All four are featured on the group French Creek's CD: Fait en Californie, and their own CD: Tour de France - Music of the French Provinces.

If you have never heard or seen a vielle à roue (hurdy-gurdy), a cabrette d'Auvergne, or grande musette du Centre (see Alan's Bagpipe Collection), or have never danced a bourrée, don't miss your chance to experience them all at a performance of Tour de France.

Tour de France's recent notable performances include:

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CD cover Tour de France presents
Music of the French Provinces

Produced by Tour de France, our first CD recording contains 55 minutes of the band's arrangements of traditional French music played by the group and special guests on both authentic acoustic regional folk and other instruments. The 15 tracks contain tune selections featuring favorites from our broad repertoire. The beautiful songs and infectious rhythms of the dance music presented on this recording are sure to please the listener and set dancers in motion. New! For Musicians - Ask for a free copy of the 13 page Tour de France CD Companion Tunebook.
Special guest musicians are: Gary Breitbard (piano accordion), Rita Crane (vocals), Ernie Fischbach (mandolin & oud), Michael Hubbert (violin), John Paul (vocals & diatonic accordion), W.B. Reid (banjo-guitar), Marcia Sloane (cello), Brian Steeger (oud), Marianne Steeger (Middle-Eastern percussion), Peter Temple (bass guitar) and Peter White (drums). (See Reviews below.)

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Tour de France - Music of the French Provinces CD Tune List (with MP3 track samples - click on links below to play samples) To view the CD's text and graphics, click here.

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Companion Tunebook New! For Musicians - Ask for a free copy of the thirteen page companion tunebook (available with CD purchase only). Contains the sheet music for every track title! All 23 tunes are exact transcriptions of Tour de France's CD arrangements in the keys in which they are played.

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While many bands include one or two Bourrées or Bransles in their concerts these days, few have taken the opportunity to give in-depth attention to the dance music and folksongs of the French countryside. The members of TOUR DE FRANCE have done just that in this varied and beautiful debut recording. - MD, Sing Out magazine, Summer 2004.

The members of Tour de France do a very good job of living up to their models, and make a satisfying album of branles, bourrées, and waltzes; even those accustomed to the best groups from France will not be disappointed. - Steve Winick, Dirty Linen magazine, Apr./May 2004.

Just a great album all around...and about as good an introduction you'll get to this music short of ordering recordings from France. - Mitch Gordon - Folknik (SF Folk Music Club newsletter), Oct. 2003.

I can't begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying your "Tour de France" CD. The tune selections, instrumentation, voices and arrangements are so incredibly enjoyable to listen to. Together with an excellent sound recording and who could ask for more. - David Smith, Dearborn, MI, Aug. 2004

The variety of instrumentation, tune types and arrangements is both delightful and astounding. Each band member and guest artist brings the best of his/her own special talents to this album. - Jack Gilder, band leader of Typsy House, Jody's Heaven, and Cronan, Aug. 2003.

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