Folk Music from the French Countryside

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French Creek presents

Fait en Californie,

their first C.D. which contains over 60 minutes of traditional French music played by the trio and special guests on authentic acoustic regional folk instruments. The
16 tracks contain tune selections featuring some favorites from their broad repetoire of French and American music. The beautiful melodies and infectious rythms of the dance music presented on this recording are sure to please the listener. New! For Musicians - Ask for a free copy of the 8 page French Creek CD Companion Tunebook.

The French Creek trio are: G.F. Cloud (guitar), Penny Cloud (hurdy gurdy, concertina) and Dorthy Hawkinson (violin, percussion). Special guest musicians are: Arrigo D'Albert (hurdy gurdy), Debra Dawson (violin), Michael Hubbert (clarinet, saprano sax), Alan Keith (20" musette du Centre [bagpipe]), John Paul (diatonic accordion), Richard Taylor (hurdy gurdy), Vicky Yancy (piano accordion), Doug Harmon (cello) and Chris Caswell (percussion). Produced by G.F. Cloud and Chris Caswell.

Reviews - This CD has recieved favorable reviews in:
CentreFrance, Sun. 7/19/98 - a newspaper of Central France.
TRAD Magazine, Nov. '98 - a French traditional music publication.
Dirty Linen - "Jacques In Two Worlds", June/July '98 - a U.S. traditional music publication.
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'French Creek - Fait en Californie' CD Tune List

with MP3 track samples - click on links below to play samples [French Creek CD]

Companion Tunebook New! For Musicians - Ask for a free copy of the eight page companion tunebook (available with CD purchase only). Contains the sheet music for every track title! All 24 tunes are exact transcriptions of French Creek's CD arrangements in the keys in which they are played.

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